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A word from David's dad.....

Did you know that David qualified for the Junior Olympics in slalom downhill skiing as a kid, coached by his dad?

*****please read this very important excerpt about David’s mental health*****

As David’s father, I have been placed in a very awkward position, to say the least. In an attempt to get to the truth about David’s horrific death, I have had to repeatedly review my own son’s autopsy photos, secretly record prosecutors, witnesses, and medical examiner (s), consult a forensic science investigator, as well as, hire my own independent fire investigator.

And now, in order for people to fully understand how it would even possible for David to be a victim of foul play, I must spill my guts about the worst imaginable thing that could happen to a father’s son.

I have no interest in accusing David’s former wife, Ms. X, of anything. Frankly, I would prefer not to talk about her. However, because the “professionals” did not do their job I am now forced to share an episode about the night we brought David to the hospital so people can fully appreciate how vulnerable David was on the night he died.

It is very easy for people to discount any other possibility of how David died, other than suicide, when all they know is that David was suffering from mental health issues.

On January 12th, of 2018, just three weeks before his death, my wife and I noticed David was exhibiting unusual behavior so we went to visit him at his apartment to try to figure out what was going on. We conducted a drug test. What we have since learned from the autopsy report that at this time David was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol, but rather he was suffering from a severe case of Psychosis.

David was experiencing delusions, extreme paranoia, and possibly hallucinations.

David, eventually ended up naked on his hands and knees on his living-room floor. And while he was in this state, his wife, proceeded to kneel down in front of him and began to aggressively slap David across the face, shouting his name, “David! David! David!” At this point my gracious wife screamed at Ms. X: “What are you doing?” To which she replied, “Well it has worked before.”

Ms. X acknowledges this incident in more than one of the several audio recordings that have been made of her testimony. To the lead investigator she states that, “I would SMACK him in the face, grab his face, “say, look at me.”…Umm…his parents really didn’t like that I did that, Umm…but…you know, that’s another story.”

Keep in mind, David was a 6f-2in, 190 pound man, a former oil rig worker, on his hands and knees being “SMACKED”, using Ms. X’s own words, across the face by his 5 foot tall petite wife. David was completely defenseless, he did not and could not defend himself. I can assure no man in his right mind would ever tolerate such behavior.

But David, in this psychosis state, was completely vulnerable to anyone.

As I told Hennepin County Attorney, Alan J. Harris, about this night and David’s condition, “I could have told David to jump out the window and I believe he would have.”

I hope this tidbit helps people who question how David could have ever been a victim of foul play, better understand how vulnerable David was on the night he died.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Please share and sign the petition!!

-Scott Elmquist

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