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Did Ms. X Perjure herself?

Recently, David’s father was served papers notifying him that a request for a restraining order had been filed against him by Ms. X.      

There was NO MERIT to the petition and it was DISMISSED.  

The question is, did Ms. X PERJURE herself?  You tell me.  

609.748 HARASSMENT; RESTRAINING ORDER.  Dated: 2/2/2022

Acts of Harassment

8. c.  ​Respondent made uninvited visits to the victim as follows:  

“February 10, 2018.  Scott Elmquist showed up to my mother’s house screaming in all of our faces and demanding answers as to what happened.”

Given the circumstance, this has been one of the most hurtful things stated about the Elmquists by Ms. X and her family.  It has been reported back to Mr. Elmquist that he both screamed and cursed at them!  

With this in mind please carefully read the response below. On February 10, one day after David’s death, since David’s parents had little to no idea what had happened to their son, they were encouraged by family and friends to go visit the petitioner at her mother’s house to find out happened.  

When Mr. and Mrs. Elmquist arrived at the petitioner’s mother’s house, Mr. Elmquist went and sat in the corner of the living room.  Since there were other family members walking through, he asked if they could go to another room to visit.  The petitioner’s mother told them NO and that they should just stay in the living room.  

Mrs. Elmquist asked the petitioner, “Could you walk us through what happened last night?”  The petitioner said she did not want to talk about it, stating she had “talked enough about it.”  Mrs. Elmquist responded, “But, we are David’s parents.”  

No harsh words were spoken.  At this point the petitioner’s mother got upset.   Mr. Elmquist told his wife that they needed to leave, he then got up and left to go sit in his car.  Mrs. Elmquist remained in their house for a few more minutes.  

Mr. Elmquist’s sworn statement:  The only words that I spoke while in their house, “Is there another room we can visit in,” and, “Nancy, we need to leave.”

There were text messages exchanged immediately after the Elmquists’ left Ms. X’s “mother’s house” between their daughter, Amy, and the petitioner, who were good friends at the time.  

Here is what the petitioner had to say about the Elmquists’ visit,

Petitioner:   “Yeah your parents just stopped by.”  

Amy:   “Are they there now?  That’s good!  Mom cried for you when I last talked to her.”  

Petitioner:   “No, they left pretty quickly, they started to ask a lot of intense questions…”  She goes on to text, “Yeah I’ll talk later about it I THINK, it’s just exhausting all around and it was really unexpected to have them come here.”  

These text messages hardly seem to be coming from a person WHO JUST had their then father in-law, “Show up to my mother’s house SCREAMING IN ALL OUR FACES and demanding answers as to what happened,” wouldn’t you agree?    

When Ms. X makes “stalking” accusations in her petition she obviously has forgotten that vehicles and phones have very precise GPS tracking devices which would clearly demonstrate that Ms. X is perjuring herself once again.  

Keep in mind, these statements were made under oath, signed under penalties of perjury in the state of Minnesota.

“I declare under penalty of perjury that everything that I have stated in this document is true and correct.  Minn. Stat. 358.116.”

Date: 02/02/2022​​​​/s/ Ms. X___________________                                                                   ​​​​​​Signature


This is not the first name Ms. X has sworn under oath regarding David’s case and by all indications has perjured herself.  

This begs the question, why would Ms. X lie about Mr. Elmquist “screaming in all their faces,” when all the Elmqiusts wanted to know was what happened to their son?  And what does this say about the other family members that were present at this meeting and their creditability?  

When you factor the time spent on this by the court, law enforcement, and  Mr. Elmquist, you can understand why perjury is a crime and punishable up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.  


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