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February 9th, 2018

On February 9th, it will be four years since our 24 year old son David died in a tragic apartment fire. On that afternoon, our son came home to visit with us about his eleven month marriage. He said it was toxic, that his wife manipulated everything, and that he wanted to get a divorce. He had plans to move back home with us the very next day. My wife asked David, “What would happen if you went home to talk to your wife about this?” He responded, “She’d go ballistic!” Eight hours after making that statement, my son, who had never been violent or suicidal, decided -if you believe the official reports - to take his life by fire. Self-immolation is one of the rarest forms of suicide.

The story that I am about to share with you is bizarre, graphic, and has been utterly heartbreaking for our family. Much of this information is not suitable for most viewers. In order to get justice for our son, however, we believe it is necessary to share this information with the public. As difficult as it may be for you to hear David's story, we are asking you to do so, in order to bring justice to David and our family.

It took 32 months before we finally received the Plymouth police report. Only then did we fully realize the extent to which we believe the police tried to cover up what happened to our son the night he died. Significant reasons demand that the Minnesota Attorney General appoint an independent prosecutor to thoroughly investigate the death of our son.

If you believe there is credence to our concerns, we will ask that you sign an on-line petition requesting that Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, appoint an outside prosecutor to investigate David’s former wife, Ms. X, and the conduct of the Plymouth Police Department.

There is little independence or separation between the various Law Enforcement Agencies in Hennepin County. When it comes to police misconduct, we have been told that while one law enforcement agency might be wrong, certainly not all three Hennepin County agencies could be wrong. Therefore, no matter how flagrant their misconduct may be, they have “stacked the deck” and are protected by the blue wall of silence. In David’s case, We believe legal phrases like “cover up”, “collusion”, “conspiracy to hinder prosecution”, “planting evidence at the scene of an unnatural death”, and “obstructing the administration of law'', all apply.

I will soon share with you four reasons as to why we believe David’s case needs an outside prosecutor. We will soon release the complete story of this horrific tragedy via Facebook as well as through a pod-cast. This presentation will reveal the injustice leveled against our family by Hennepin County. It will include information about David’s mental health, more details about the Plymouth Police cover up, as well as evidence that Hennepin County’s Attorney Office not only turned a blind eye to the obvious, but by all indications, participated in this cover up.

Our concerns are supported by forensic evidence, audio recordings of prosecutors and witnesses, as well as extensive email correspondence.

- Scott Elmquist

After being engulfed in flames, David was extinguished by a maintenance worker. For over 38 min, David waited to be rescued. The firefighters were instructed to “stand down” and to not go inside. Burned on 90% of his body, blind, and struggling to breathe due to the thick smoke…. He waited for help that never came. (Contrary to what Chief Goldstein told news reporters, “they rescued the man.”) After they shot out of the windows David mustered all that he had left …. David got up and stumbled out of his apartment. He collapsed and was brought to HCMC.

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