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How does someone "light themself on fire" and end up with wrists like this. Please help us find out!

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Apr 23, 2022

It's obviously the sink counter in my opinion. Forensics are not aligned to support her ridiculous version of things and certain authorities more than dropped this ball. I see a major cover up somewhere going on. I'm from NC, but I'll sign your petition and hope it counts in your state. I'm so sorry y'all, words can't even for what you're going through.


Alayna Goos
Alayna Goos
Jan 18, 2022

I distinctly remember a long long time ago being 5 years old when David came over to play with my brother. I was at my grandparents and very bored as David and my brother played outside and my grandparents didn’t have many younger girls for me to play with around their house. Being the curious 5 year old that I was, I walked outside to try and play with the boys. My brother however, (like a typical older brother at a young age), was not thrilled at the thought of his younger sister joining the guys. I proceeded to try and tag along with the two boys when I heard my brother say something like “You can’t play with us…

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