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Letter to MN Attorney General - requesting an independent investigation.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

April 25, 2022

Mr. Ellison;

I am writing to you regarding the death of my son, David S. Elmquist, who died in an apartment fire on February 9, 2018. On that afternoon, my son came home to visit with me about his eleven month marriage. He said it was toxic, that his wife manipulated everything, and that he wanted to get a divorce. He had plans to move home the very next day. My wife asked David, “What would happen if you went home to talk to your wife about this? He responded, “She’d go ballistic!” Eight hours after making this statement, my son who had never been violent or suicidal, was engulfed in flames! David’s death was ruled suicide by self-immolation.

I hope you are aware of this most horrific tragedy that has so devastated our family, but if not, our family would appreciate if you would review the following links in their entirety: 1); 2) Facebook: Truth and Justice for David Scott Elmquist; and 3) Instagram: @truthfordavidscott.

As it stands, we have over 36,000 signers on our petition requesting that you, as the State’s Attorney General, request that Governor Walz appoint an independent prosecutor to launch a full-on investigation into David’s death as well as all people surrounding this case. I make this appeal to you as the chief legal officer of the State of Minnesota.

Please read all contents and videos (especially the self-immolation video at as well as some of the comments made by viewers who have only heard 10% of the evidence and yet they are all supporting our cause, believing David’s death deserves an independent prosecutor appointed to the case. By reviewing this material you will understand why 36,000+ people have signed the petition.

We are hoping that as a family we no longer have to continue to release information about this case to the public and media, as this only adds to our grief as well as to the uproar that is brewing over this case. We are confident that as the general public continues to learn more about the circumstances surrounding David’s death, our supporters will only grow in numbers and commitment.

WE WILL NOT STOP seeking justice for our son/brother/uncle-nephew/friend until David’s case has been thoroughly investigated. Many of our supporters have suggested having a “Justice for David Rally” this summer in Minneapolis. Based upon our Justice for David followers and

Signers of our petition, we are confident that any rally would be well supported and would bring HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS of people to the streets of Minneapolis. Which begs the question: Is this what is necessary in order for a father to get justice in Hennepin County: He has to call for a “Rally” in the streets of Minneapolis? This is absolutely absurd and unacceptable!

When it comes to police misconduct, Hennepin County has a history of perverting justice. We need people with integrity and diligence to take over this case! PLEASE HELP US!

For what it is worth, I am one of the most apolitical people you could ever meet. Having said that, I have my concerns about this case not being pursued because of political entanglements. We are praying that you and Governor Walz do the same thing that you did for the George Floyd case: Appoint a prosecutor and an investigative team OUTSIDE of the current Hennepin County’s District Attorney’s Office. This is ALL MY FAMILY is asking of you.

No family should have to endure the four years of anguish that we have had to. As one signer of the petition wrote:​

“David’s death obviously has many unanswered questions, and if the public can so easily see these red flags, why can’t the local police? This case needs to be re-examined with unbiased new professionals to give this family answers!”

It couldn’t be said any better. Which demands: Does the rule of law matter anymore? We are trusting that you will do the right and only thing, work with Governor Walz and appoint a special prosecutor to the case.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.


Scott A. Elmquist

***Warriors for David! We ask that you please share this! Should you feel compelled, call the Attorney General’s office and respectfully ask them to assign an outside prosecutor to review David Elmquist’s case. We thank you for your support! #justicefordavidscottelmquist***

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Filbert Grim III
Filbert Grim III
Jun 12, 2022

It is such a terrible shame that NOBODY has looked into this further and have called for an independent investigation. I mean after looking at the evidence and hear the terrible story of how David was treated by law enforcement. They waited way to long to go in just on the word of a scorn woman. The door was not even locked the superintendent went in and saw David. Then he comes out burned terribly and they force him on the floor to cuff him. What did they honestly think he was going to do? He was blind. They never searched the apartment and the lighter that was supposedly thrown outside was found by the EX girlfriend under a table…

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