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Under Oath -Previous Mental Health Concerns?

You probably know by now that David had spent 10 days in the mental hospital for psychosis. His first ever mental health crisis and first time ever hospitalized.

On Monday, January 29th, 2018, eleven days before his passing, Fairview Medical Hospital petitioned the court to require involuntary treatment of David for his mental health issues and for authorization to impose treatment.

The Honorable Mike Lien presided over the hearing. Judge Lien made the following comments: “I know you're eager to get out of the hospital, and I haven't decided whether I'm going to let you out…It's really important that you cooperate with your doctor, take your meds as they're prescribed, and do what your doctor tells you to do, whether you end up under commitment or not; you understand that?...

It is clear that Judge Lien was undecided whether or not David should be released from the hospital. David was represented by Attorney, Daniel Rauenhorst. Under oath Ms. X was asked: “Prior to the events leading up to hospitalization, had you had those sorts of concerns regarding his mental health prior to that? Ms. X: “NO.” Rauenhorst: “This was the first incident?” Ms. X: “Mm-hmm, YES.”

On January 23rd, just 6 days earlier, she stated just the opposite to a Fairview Hospital screener. The screener reported in David’s medical records the following: “Ms. Elmquist states, “Historically when he has lots going on in his head he can’t articulate very well….he can have trouble completing a sentence.” Ms. X stated that her husband has exhibited “lots of small weird things for the past couple of months”…She notes in the last week and a half, “lots of bizarre things.”

Based upon Judge Lien’s concerns and am bivalents about releasing David from the hospital, if Ms. X had been truthful and repeated what she had told the Fairview screener, it is difficult to believe that the Judge would have agreed to release David the following day.

Perjury is prosecutable when it affects the outcome of a trial or hearing. Clearly, Ms. X’s lack of forthrightness influenced the outcome of the hearing. Given the serious consequences - DAVID’S HORRIFIC DEATH - why, when it was brought to their attention by David’s father, didn’t Hennepin County look into this further?

Mr. Elmquist asked Sr. Hennepin County Attorney, Alan J. Harris, in a recorded conversation:

Mr. Elmquist: “Okay. She lied. You don’t think it’s significant that she lied under oath, as far as his behavior?”

Mr. Harris: “Well… I don’t know if it is or isn’t… I mean I… David has a sister, right?”

Mr. Elmquist: “Yeah.”

Mr. Harris: “Yeah, and… in the report, she said something about…” blah, blah, blah. (Emphasis mine.)

Rather than answering the question on whether or not it was significant that Ms. X lied under oath to get David out of the hospital, he changes the subject to something that is completely irrelevant. He eventually returns to the perjury concern: “You know, there can be a lot of different explanations for things… Why would she lie, I don’t know. I really… I can’t say…”

That’s it?!! For something as serious as lying under oath which led to a mentally unstable man to be released from the hospital under false pretenses, leading ultimately to his most horrific untimely death, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office once again brushes it off as no big deal.

What is more important, doing due diligence to investigate the horrific death of young man who died under very unusual circumstances or protecting a police department by helping them cover up their misconduct?

Ms. X has been under oath two times regarding David’s death; both times she has been in contempt of court, unwilling to speak the truth. Had she not lied, would David be alive today?

Perjury is a serious crime and punishable up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. Is this not a prosecutable perjury case?

This is just one of many reasons of why we believe Hennepin County is complicit in the cover-up of the death of David S. Elmquist. We will continue to drop more information of what we believe points to serious police and prosecutorial misconduct.

Thank you for your support!!!

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Filbert Grim III
Filbert Grim III
Jan 10

As I write this with a heavy heart as I see that we still have not found any JUSTICE FOR DAVID as of yet. This comment goes out to Ms. Fabel. I do not wish you any ill intent or will, but have you read or seen the full story of what actually happened to David? If not I strongly suggest that you watch it on YouTube or read about it. It may enlighten you as to what actually happened on that horrible night that was the end of David's life. It was not his parents, as I read your response, I was actually shocked at your response to something that you have not been following at all.

You state…


Jillane Fabel
Jillane Fabel
Jan 08

This is absurd! STOP IT! His parents were the ones, the ONLY ones that had David’s medical info and THEY agreed he should go home! Then David’s dad says David started saying some more “weird” things on the night of the Super Bowl… but what did David’s dad do?! NOTHING!

It is extremely obvious what has happened in this case and it is very sad, disappointing and a bit embarrassing the way this has been trying to be spun. STOP IT! “MS.EX” has been through an extremely traumatic experience, that nobody reading this, including his entire family, can ever wrap their head around what SHE went through and continues to go through. There is no doubt that David wants his…


Filbert Grim III
Filbert Grim III
Jun 23, 2022

Reading the perjury statement that the EX has brought forward on both occasions has made me pause and let it sink in for a bit. I was shocked. Let us start with the first case of perjury she has claimed.

Reading the statements that I might add were given under oath, is a restraining order against the parents for such strange accusations. They visited with her once and asked her questions and the father understandably wanted to speak with the EX privately to find out exactly what happened that horrible night. All the EX could do is sit in a corner and let her mother speak for her upon the simple request. Then to come out and blatting lies …

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