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Who moved the bench.... and why?

We want to know who moved this bench… and why? Zoom in. Notice how the bench leg is scorched … and yet the Sheetrock wall behind it is pristine, stark white. No signs of flames. Imagine a fire so hot to scorch the leg, flames rising, yet the bag on top of this bench is also pristine, other than a few splatters of oil. The brown liquid on the floor is freestanding Bakken crude oil.

How is this possible???

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Filbert Grim III
Filbert Grim III
2022년 6월 23일

This is staged if I have ever seen a staged crime scene. As I pointed out on the counter where the dishwasher was melted but up above it there is a lint roller and a container that is not even melted. It shows no signs of heat damage at all. If I may ask who took these pictures by the way was it the police? If they did not pick up on this stuff it shows their lack in any criminal homicide work. I am only a student and I can see this was staged. They knew it also but do not want to do the work. Taxpayer waste. GOD BLESS.

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